100+ Blouse Designs – Best Stunning Saree Blouse Designs Photos 2024

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Blouses are one of the most favorite piece of clothing to Indian women. No women can ever live without a blouse and a sari. They play an important part in the Indian clothing. When you see a blouse there a number of designs, elements, fabrics etc. that make the blouse different from one another. They can also showcase a lot about you, your personality out to people.
Stunning Saree Blouse Designs

To streamline and choose the best design for yourself you need to understand a lot of key pointers so you wear the best design that is just for you. Start with jotting down your likes and dislikes, for e.g. your favorite color, fabric you like to wear, style which makes you comfortable.
Simple blouse designs photos
Let’s start with the guide for colors, while choosing the color for your blouse try not to mix it up with the same color as the sari as it may not stand out, choose a contrasting color which is bold, stands out and gives you an edge over others. In case you are not the bold one who wants to go in notice but still want to make a mark, you can opt for a complementing color which is subtle and smooth to flown down with your Saree. Important facts about colors is that choose the color that compliments your skin, fair skinned girls should opt for shades like pink,orange,wine, lavender. The dusky beauties dazzle well in darker and fuller tones of colors like red, blue, green, olive, browns. When it comes to black and white they are classics which work well for any skin toned girls.

After the color has been decided next step is to decide upon the fabric you choose to wear, while selecting the fabric you should keep in mind the season and the body type of the wearer. Fabrics which are light, flowy and easy on the body work well in summers, the heavy, structured and stiffer fabrics are the winter fabrics. When it comes the body types, fabrics like chiffon, Georgette, satin, crepe work on triangle women. On the other hand velvet, cotton, silk goes well with inverted triangle body type.

Beautiful simple blouse designs photos

Design of the blouse is the most important part, because what is seen is the actual creativity and beauty in the society. The designs of the blouse ranges from the necklines, length of the blouse, back neck design, sleeves, etc.

The various blouse designs that are popular among the Indian women are..

Basic Blouse Designs

Basic blouse are the ones where the necklines are simple may be a round or square neck and the neckline of back and front do not necessarily differ, the sleeves are also straight and simple. The sleeve length may vary depending on the preference of the wearer.

Basic blouse designs photos

The deep neck of the blouse makes it according with the state-of-the-art blouse designs. The V neck each in front and back makes it particular and the golden color adds to the allure on the blue, making it the first-class wedding ceremony and bridal Saree shirt designs. Floral patterns sit down nicely in this one and if you couldn’t step out of your private home various instances without the flora on you, not anything will please you greater than this design.
Changes into the neckline of the simple blouse can create beautiful blouses that can change the whole fashion game. Widen the neckline and elongate your front neckline with a deep sweetheart neckline, to take the same at the back with deep long back neckline which gives your neck an elongated and wide shoulders works perfect for the petite girls. Who would say no to the outstanding Indian blouse again layout that boasts of an edgy teardrop cut-out detailed with beads, heavy elaborations and a few wonderful embroideries


High Neck Blouse Design

The high neck blouse works well in winters and for those women who do not like to show off too much of skin. Yet the blouse can be edgy and apart from the basic, just try some embroidery or surface ornamentation may be on the sleeves and back. Be careful not overdo it which may just spoil the entire look of it.

High neck blouse designs photos

When you want to break free from the usual things you buy to uphold your tradition, and experiment instead, here is one blouse that will make that appeal straight to everyone around you. Every girl should try out this modern Saree blouse that will go off well with any grand event.


Tube and Halter Neck Blouses Design

Halter neck blouse designs photos

Going all covered on the neck is sometimes boring and every girl may not like it, the bold and experimental ones would love something which a bit more revealing, like the tube and halter neck blouses. Here they are trendy, statement pieces and show your beautiful collar bones. The tube blouses can be made in any fabric, to make it more fun you can add some elements like pleats, ruffles at the end. One may even try longer lengths in this type of blouse. Halter neck blouse are those which have strings tied up on the neck and the back may be held by dories or go deep with just a piece of fabric. Go bold with the one shoulder blouses which give an excitement to many as they are one of the kind, and just makes everyone drool over you.

Asymmetrical Blouse Design

Asymmetrical Blouse Designs Photos

Asymmetrical necklines are the modern age version to play with those small details of the blouse and make them trendy and eye catching. This one is a unique combo of the antique vintage shirts and the modern Saree blouse designs, the back peter pan blouse. If you’re assured sufficient, you may without difficulty pull this off and make everybody around you envy you. Make positive you don’t overdo the add-on’s. This is one of the present day blouse designs back and front, that is definitely well worth an attempt!


Boat Neck Blouse Design

Boat Neck blouse designs photos

Next would be the boat neck blouse this ones go wide on the neck which is perfect for the girls who have broad shoulders and collar bone. They make your upper body look fuller and structured.

Now days girls have started to really test and try different things, not to leave behind in the blouse category, wearing crop shirts or the collared blouses are among st the favorite ones of the young girls, its breezy and comfortable to be worn anywhere. Working women also swear by these collar blouses as they are sleek and formal.

Shifting from the neck design variations, the fabrics of the blouse are one big category on which they are divided. The older women swear by the cotton blouses for summers as they are comfortable and easy to breathe. The velvet blouses are loved by all, they are best for winters and gives a royal look. Coming on the sheer blouses or the net ones are those when women do not really want to reveal a lot. They are flattering on women with fuller chest.

Laced fabric Blouse Design

Laced Fabric blouse designs photos

Laced fabric blouses are really popular these days as they can be worn by any age, color, and size of women. They are bold yet a soft sense of muted elegance is also there. You can pair them up with any sari. Few variations to this blouse would be the change of color of the inner fabric, not lining the inner fabric, getting some surface ornamentation done.


Mirror / Embroidered Blouse Design

Embroidery blouse designs photos

Moving on to other blouse designs , many other deigns can be see like the mirror blouses which are quirky and come in many different colors , then we have the embroidered blouses. Beautifully embroidered blouses in different pattern ranging from flowers, creepers, paintings, archaeological design with an array of colors. Surface ornamentation and accessorizing your blouse is another way to level up your fashion game, like sequins, metal work, embellishments etc. These kind of blouses work well with simple and plain sari, printed and embroidered ones may take away the charm and essence of the blouse. There’s is a whole new line of embroidery and patch work where brides are going mad with the famous Doli and name cut-out design at the back of the blouses which are unique and special to every bride these days.

Staple Quarter Sleeved Blouse

Staple Quarter Sleeved Blouse Designs Photos

Other elements that make a huge difference in the blouse design are the sleeves. To start of the most loved blouse is a staple quarter sleeved blouse with few other elements in it, you play with fabric and embroidery in this type of blouse. Want to make these simple sleeves quirkier, then best way is to amp up the sleeves with beads, pearls and fancy embellishments.

Puffed Sleeve Blouse

Puffed Sleeve blouse designs photos

The next one is puffed sleeve blouse for the girls who are very confident in their skin and are a part of the risk takers and excited ones, the blouse shows of the beautiful toned arms. Works well with a net or a chiffon sari. Try out bell sleeves and tie up sleeves which make people go crazy when they see anyone wear them.

This one is a very distinctive blouse all over again, combining two one of a kind aspects of Western put on and Traditional Indian clothing together. Well, the final results most absolutely appears eye-catching to the attention, The Body con style is the today’s fashion this season and is especially tailored to offer a slimmer look.

Jacket Blouse Designs

Jacket Blouse Designs Photos

For the winters, the new jacket blouse is sort of a dream come true, for this reason, the design is a must on your new cloth cabinet change. This additionally brings about the distinction to your style announcement. This is genuinely innovative and newest fashion blouse. Printed blouse can never go out of fashion as they are the easiest and quickest to decide upon, really no efforts are put in them while to choose, as just picking up any of your favorite print and giving some details here and there.

Back Knotted Blouse

Back Knotted Blouse Designs Photos

The trendiest and the boldest design till now would the back knotted blouse, as there are equivalent to the backless blouses, either strings or the fabric of the blouse is extended. You can flaunt of your skin and make people jealous.

Corset Blouse Designs

Corset Blouse Designs Photos

The list can never be complete with the ever green and classic corset blouses which fits and makes you look hot and give you a figure u just dream off. The corset blouses are usually longer in length as they cover your waist to. Keep in mind that these blouses should be paired with sari’s that pay more emphasis to the blouse, which are simple and lighter like a net or a chiffon sari would be the perfect match.

Back Neck Blouse Designs

As we have gone through various new trends in Blouse designs, Lets have a look at some of various blouse back neck designs like U-shape, V-shape, deep back, dori etc.  which has been in trend and last for a very long time.

Back Neck Blouse Designs Photos (2)

Back Neck Blouse Designs Photos (3)

Back Neck Blouse Designs Photos (4)

Back Neck Blouse Designs Photos (5)

Back Neck Blouse Designs Photos (1)

Front Neck Blouse Designs

Now some blouse front neck designs that you can take inspiration and be party ready by switching from an ordinary to an stunning look.

Front Neck Blouse Designs Photos (1)

Front Neck Blouse Designs Photos (2)

Front Neck Blouse Designs Photos (3)

While you have read about the blouses, let’s have some quick style tips which are easy and anyone can use them

  • While choosing your blouse always keep in mind your Saree, occasion and body type.
  • Always mix and match, never go for same a simple sari and simple blouse or a heavy sari and heavy blouse. This will just ruin the whole look and feel.
  • For work wear always choose fabrics which crisp and firm to give you a formal look.
  • When the clock strikes eight, the cocktails and specials dinner make a statement with bold sheer and lace fabrics.
  • Plain is boring, play around with your sleeves they make a huge difference.
  • Use broches and other accessories to make your simple blouse into a fashion art piece.

The blouse is a crucial part of the Saree and perfect designer ones can enhance the quite appearance of the Saree. A Designer neck blouse offers a wealthy and high elegance appearance to the entire apparel of a lady. Perfect in shape and captivating neck design can boost the appearance even of a plain Saree. That’s why it’s miles very essential to pick an appropriate blouse neck layout on the way to make you get the compliments on your Saree as well as your persona. One can do the experiments with the various modern-day and contemporary Saree blouse neck patterns. So, in case you need to come to be an attention-grabbing character in your social events you may cross for those fashionable Saree blouse neck designs.