Top 10 Gorgeous Silk Saree designs for Women

Silk Saree are the most treasured possession of the any Indian women. The love for them is as same as their love for their gold. Silk Sarees retain to reign as the closing Indian expression of beauty, beauty and charm.

Gorgeous Silk Saree designs

Let’s glance through the Top 10 Silk Saree designs

The Off white Kanjeeveram


The off white colored saree with beautiful floral imprint is a wonderful traditional design. When paired up with Gold jewelry and pulled back bun and pretty Gajra, perfect for the festive season.

Dual toned Saree

Dual toned Saree

Mostly found in dual toned, with broad borders and the pallu having big leaves and twigs design on them. The dual colors just mesmerizing.

Geometric pattern Saree

Geometric pattern Saree

A heavy pallu saree a popular among the women, they love to show their paalu. The pallu have geometric checker print and the rest is plain.

All over print

All over print saree

Brides opt for this saari design as they stand out and want something extravagant, heavy and beautiful the print gives a royal look.

Border Design

Border Design saree

This design has the borders all filled with designs like flowers, peacock and leaves. When you want pin up the Palu, go for this Saree design.

Multi-colored Saree

multi colored saree

A column multi coloured saree is beautiful and eye catching which just makes heads turn over at you.

Simple Border Design

Simple Border Design saree

Plain saree with simple borders are pretty a d elegant, the young and simple girls love this design.

Panelled design

Panelled design-saree

Taking two different designs in one this design, plain and pattern design are a great type of saree. Which have both the panel in one saree.

Boti Design Saree

Boti Design Saree

The boti design is one in which small floral shrub are oven in equal distance. The botis give the saree a fuller look, but still a soft and light feel to it.

Hand Painted Silk saree

Hand Painted Silk saree

The Hand painted silk saree are seriously the one to die for. Beautiful temple and archaeological designs are the prettiest of the lot.

Gorgeous Silk Saree designs for women (7)

Gorgeous Silk Saree designs for women (6)

Gorgeous Silk Saree designs for women (5)

Gorgeous Silk Saree designs for women (4)

Gorgeous Silk Saree designs for women (3)

Gorgeous Silk Saree designs for women (2)

The Saree are very precious to every Indian women, they just love buying and wearing it. Go get these design and dazzle the party.