Top 50 Indian Saree Blouse Designs and Patterns 2024

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When comes to wearing traditional Indian dress,  Saree and Blouse are an important part of Indian culture.  which is also the most popular dress among Indian women. when you wear a Saree the blouse must have a right fit and uniquely styled blouse design that enhances the gorgeous looks of the Saree. India celebrities opting for stylish and trendy Saree blouse along with casuals? Many Bollywood celebrities (Indian celebs) are often spotted wearing traditional Indian Saree with a mix of designer cuts and patterns.

Although a designer blouse gives a luxurious look to the overall Saree outfit, sometimes even a simple blouse design without any rich embellishments can equally boost the rich look of the Saree when it is styled with a combo of captivating back pattern, neck design and a perfect fit.

Simple plain blouse designs  well with casual Sarees as well as formal and cocktail Saree designs. A heavily embellished Saree looks good when teamed with a simple blouse design or pattern. Printed chiffon, georgette or cotton Sarees look better when teamed up with plain blouses designs.

More over you can enhance this simple plain looking blouse designs by adding simple details like piping, tassels, strings, brooch or inserting mesh on the back. that will create an unique blouse design stand out in crowed and increase your elegant beauty. you can try adding piping to your neckline of blouse design that help you bring out a contrast to your design. further more adding Lace borders, sequin borders, embroidery, patch work or a simple mesh or knot on the back with tassels can transform a simple saree blouse into a  unique designer saree to create a trendy fashion statement.

In this fast forwarding world, wearing Saree is something which is quite popular even in USA but the way Indian traditional dress have come forward is remarkable. Gone are the days when traditional Indian sari blouse was worn to cover the entire body, designers from across the world have already made them stylish and trendy. Scroll down for a collection of our Back neck designs like V back neck, pot neck, asymmetric back neck, boat neck, cut out back neck, square back neck, round back neck, collar neck, mesh/net back neck , low back neck blouse, halter neck, strings  or any other trending list of top Indian Saree blouse designs and patterns below. If you find that the blouse back neck is too deep or high, the design too fancy or dull, you can always modify the design according to your taste!!

Whatever style you choose, the only rule is the fit be perfect and the cut be classic.